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Meet our family

Everyone asks “Where do the names come from?”

Family is a very important part of who we are! The wines are named after members of our Owners, the Dillow Family and winery founders the Gartelmann family.

Gartelmann ‘Brittany’s’

Blanc de Blancs

Matt’s eldest Daughter.

Gartelmann ‘Bianka’s’

Sparkling Shiraz

Matt’s youngest Daughter.


Gartelmann ‘Tammy’s’ Riesling

Matt’s Sister


Gartelmann ‘Gracie’s’ Ambrosia 

Matt’s Mother. 

Gartelmann ‘Ronnie’s’

Liqueur Muscat

Matt’s Father.

Gartelmann 'Benjamin' Semillon

Jan Gartelmann's father and grandson.

Gartelmann 'Sarah Elizabeth' Chardonnay

Jan Gartelmann's daughter.


Gartelmann 'Lisa' Reserve Chardonnay

Jorg Gartelmann's aunt.


Gartelmann 'Jesse' Shiraz 

Jorg Gartelmann's grandson. 

Gartelmann 'Joey' Merlot

Jan Gartelmann's grandson.

Gartelmann 'Georg' Petit Verdot 

Jorg Gartelmann's maternal grandfather.

Gartelmann 'Janette' Moscato

Former co-owner/founder of the winery.

Gartelmann 'Jorg's VP 

Former co-owner/founder of the winery.

Gartelmann 'Phillip Alexander' Cabernet Merlot

Jorg Gartelmann's son.


Gartelmann 'Stephanie' Pinot Gris

Jorg Gartelmann's daughter. 


Gartelmann 'Veronica' Rosé

Jorg Gartelmann's granddaughter.


Gartelmann 'Jessica' Verdelho

Jan Gartelmann's mother. 


Gartelmann 'Jonathan' Cabernet Sauvignon

Jorg Gartelmann's grandson.


Gartelmann 'Wilhelm' Shiraz

Jorg Gartelmann's uncle.



Gartelmann 'Diedrich' Shiraz

Jorg Gartelmann's grandfather.