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Gartelmann Verjuice

Gartelmann Verjuice

An unfermented grape juice made from Semillon. The grapes a simply crushed, stabilised, filtered and then bottled. The end product being pure grape juice, unfermented, non-alcoholic and healthy. Can be used in cooking for deglazing a pan, as a replacement for lemon or vinegar in recipes or as a mixer with soda water to make a refreshing drink.

Verjuice is delicate and lightly sour. Acidic but sweeter than lemon juice, verjuice has a milder quality to it compared to the tang of citrus fruit or the astringent character of fruit vinegar.

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Jonathan Fowler's Gravatar
Jonathan Fowler
(06/03/2024 at 1:10 PM)
Refreshing and full of gentle flavour. Would be great by itself or to add flavour to soda

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